What To Look For When Buying An RV

Here are a few things to think about when looking for the best RV brand for your needs.

RV Build Quality Investigate the RV manufacturer’s manufacturing and inspection processes. Is there a separate pre-delivery inspection process, or do the same workers sign off on the inspection during installation?

Any RV will have problems, but some have a better reputation for build quality than others. The construction quality is also more nuanced than that of laminated construction over stick and tin or Azdel over lauan sidewalls. Many manufacturers in the Elkhart, Indiana, area offer factory tours, which is a great way to learn more about construction.
Reputation for After-Sales Service
Consider whether the RV manufacturer provides good after-sales service. Is the service department easily accessible? Does it collaborate with dealers to provide prompt service? Online knowledge bases and forums can also help you diagnose and solve problems on your own.

1\RV Evaluations
Look at RV reviews on websites like RVInsider.com to find out what people think about specific brands and models. You’ll notice that almost all models have issues, but some RVs have higher average scores for a reason.

Most RV warranties are valid for one year and are transferable to secondary owners during that time.

For example, Grand Design provides a one-year warranty against factory defects on the
Check to see if the manufacturer allows warranty transfers on a lightly used RV that is less than a year old.

It is critical to have a relationship with your home dealer. You can go to any dealer in an RV company’s network for service, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll get quick or dependable service. Because your home dealer is interested in keeping your business, it’s best to use them for repairs whenever possible.

This means that you should look for a dealership while looking for an RV. Learn how dealers treat their customers both before and after the sale. If you had a problem with your RV, would you be able to get the help you needed?

4\Personal Experience
Nothing, of course, beats comparing RV floor plans in person. Specifications sheets can only tell you so much. Spend some time inside the RV imagining yourself with all of your family and friends who might join you. Some RVs have a more liveable interior than others, and this is a personal preference.

If you present yourself as a serious buyer, you should be able to test drive a motorhome. You won’t be able to hitch up a travel trailer to “test tow,” so make sure you’re shopping within your vehicle’s towing capacity. You can also rent a fifth wheel or camper for a few days to see how it will tow with your vehicle.

Post time: May-27-2022