How to choose a travel trailer as beginner?

How to choose a travel trailer as beginner?

How to choose a travel trailer as beginner? (2)

Travel trailers are one of the most popular non-motorized RVs. They have solid walls, hitch to a car or truck and come in all shapes and sizes. They are safe and typically have slide-outs to create wide-open living spaces
There’s a lot to consider before buying a travel trailer, but check out the following 8 tips to help guide your way.

1. The size should be the first
You’ll need to decide which travel trailer is suit for you, not just appearance, but the   interior dimensions and exterior size. Make sure to choose a travel trailer that your car or truck can pull.
It should have enough space for the items you want in the travel trailer. Make a list of assured items you’d like to take and make sure you have plenty of space. You’ll also want to make sure that the bathroom and shower are large enough for you.

2. Make Sure You Have Enough Storage
Storage space helps keep you organized and keeps clutter away, so always look for more storage opportunity when buying a travel trailer.

3. Double Check Before Buying (Mechanical)
It’s also necessary that all operational systems like electrical, water, sewer, and mechanics are functional before buying your first travel trailer.

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4.Double Check Before Buying (Aesthetic)
On the interior of the trailer, walk the floor and corners with bare feet. It can be a great way to check for damage. Make sure to check the cabinets and other storage areas for damage as well.
Before buying, make sure to get the  axe-ls, tires, rear bumper, breaks, and front towing capacity checked out. Also check the seals and locks on doors as well as utility connections and hookups.

5. Check and Get to Know the Drain System Works
Check if the drain system is a strait shoot to waste tanks or a system that twists and turns and could have clogging issues

6. Follow Your Lifestyle
Consider what you plan to use you travel trailer for. Will you want a 4 season trailer for winter? Think about the size of trailer you’d like based of the number of people that will typically be inside the vehicle, and consider your own height.

7. Match Your Towing Vehicle to Your RV
Make sure your vehicle is rated to tow the gross weight of your trailer, plus the estimated weight that will be loaded into the trailer.
AAA, recommends adding 1000 pounds to the labeled dry weight, for all of the items that will go inside the trailer.

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It’s hard to know exactly what you want in a travel trailer when it’s your first time buying one. Some great advice we’ve received from travel trailer owners is to rent a few RVs first to get an idea of what you like. And who knows, maybe the lifestyle is not for you and you could save some money. Renting can help you determine the size and style you like best.

8. Have a budget for repairs
Financial responsibility shouldn’t be in your rear-view mirror when buying a travel trailer: you should set aside some money for repairs. It’s as simple as that. Mobile RV repair can help in a pinch, but the peace of mind offered by that security will make your first trip that much easier.

Post time: Mar-10-2022