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· Front and rear flip tent trailer

· Sleeps up to 6

· All photos are taken live

· Full-size customization on demand

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Invincible off-road - Sinotruk Shanst modified off-road RV


● When the vehicle is driving, the tire has automatic charging and discharging function, calmly facing all kinds of bad road conditions


● German Man transmission with electro-pneumatic Telligent gearshift system, a total of 6 forward and 6 reverse gear


● Optional additional off-road gear. Optional rear-wheel drive and integrated sub-actuator with pneumatic control. When the vehicle is stuck in off-road terrain, the pre-selected synchronous reverse gear mechanism, the EQR(Electronic Quick Reverse Gear), can get the vehicle out of trouble by quickly changing direction


● Pneumatic - hydraulic - controlled dual-loop disc brakes are standard on the rear wheels


● Detachable 4-channel ABS(Anti-lock braking system)


Exterior Length (mm):5930
Exterior Width (mm):2310
Exterior Height (mm):1950
Occupants Capacity:4


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